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The following information was provided by Iloveindia.com

The zodiac match of Taurus man and Pisces woman is very likely to result in a long-term association. They share a mutual passion and are zealous in almost each and every aspect of life. Both are born-romantics and they will never be any dearth of expression on either side. Her volatility and eccentricity will get balanced by his calmness and placidity. He will also make her feel secure and loved in the relationship and she will admire him for his courage and depth. He will fall in love with tenderness, benevolence, and compassion of the Fish. He will also have to be a little more sensitive, or he may end up hurting her vulnerable feelings.

I'm pretty sure you can associate the Kiray relationship as Long term since lasted more then half a series. Fllay's personality is extremely volatile [inconstant] and eccentric [irregular], and Kira has a tendency to actually calm her especially when the Archangel is under attack. She feels calm even when the ship is rocking violently for she is "absolutely" sure that Kira will protect the her and the ship. That security and love she feels for him changes her desire to hurt him into that of a love. Kira on the other hand does fall for Fllay's tenderness, kindess and compassion. He feels safe in her arms especially when she comforts him. Kira does end up hurting Fllay by not being sensitive to the fact that she no longer had family [Although Fllay did jump to conclusions]. They both realized it later and although they had planned to talk it out, they were never allowed.

The following information was provided by Love-astrology.com

If you take water and add some earth to it you get a nice gooey soft mud. That is what we have here in these two. Or at least, most of the time. Taurus brings strength to this union, the Pisces can relax and feel safe both physically and emotionally. In fact Taurus brings a lot of positives to this relationship indeed. Because of the Pisceans over emotional side the loyal and dependable traits of the Taurus does the Pisces a world of good.

These two enjoy each other’s company a lot. Especially in the bedroom department, and will therefore spend quite a bit of time there. This may actually be one of the factors that allows Pisces to let their watery barrier down and commit in a relationship. One trait these two share is a love of luxury. They both love the high life and you won’t find these people stuck in a tee-pee on the side of a mountain just for a bit of a laugh! No, it’s not going to happen. Now if their happened to be a five star hotel on the side of the mountain and a glass or two of champagne then you may find them there. In-fact this pair will enjoy travelling together, and will go all over the world enjoying the new culture’s and cuisine each new Country brings. It is definitely a good thing for them to do, as it will make the bond between them even stronger. Just make sure that the Pisces has the purse strings…just in-case!

Money is another thing these people have in common. In different way’s of -course. The Pisces is very good with money and doesn’t like spending it unless there is a good justifiable reason to. The Taurus on the other hand doesn’t really wait for a good reason and can get into debt through over spending. But this is another way in which this Water/Earth combination can help one another. Taurus can help the Pisces to relax with his/her money and teach their partner how to enjoy spending it instead of saving (only a little bit Pisces don’t worry!) And in return the careful Piscean can maybe save the Taurus from falling into the hands of the debt collector!

All in all this union could bring a lot of happiness to both people. Just be aware that Pisces really is very sensitive Taurus and don’t go putting your foot in it! Enjoy!

Again even though Kira comes off as weak in the series physically he is actually extremely strong even without his gundam. Fllay, again, does have a tendency to feel safe physically and mentally around Kira. The notion that "this boy will protect me" always reasonates in her mind when Kira is with her, or when he's out on the battlefield. Fllay has had her delicate world turned upside down and Kira tends to brings warmth and love into her life that relaxes that overly emotional and hurt side that Fllay has.

Fllay and Kira did actually spend quiet a bit of time in Kira's bedroom, even when not having sex. Fllay especially spent a large amount of her time sitting in Kira's room, either waiting for him, or spending her time thinking. Due to Fllay giving herself to Kira she eventually did relax with Kira. She had begun to care for him, and miss him.

When it comes to money or luxury I'm not sure we can use those in this pairing because although we know Fllay was rich and spoiled after both of them were thrown into war Kira and Fllay never really did much that talked of luxury since they were on a battleship.

While on the Archangel Kira and Fllay did travel a lot, even if not by choice, and sometimes they seemed to enjoy the different places they went to [even if it was simply a military base].

I do believe that if this couple had, had a chance to talk they could of very well been extremely happy together even with Fllay's sensitivity.