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Due to Fllay's birthday falling on March 15th her astrology sign is that of the Pisces. The Pisces is usually associated with intellectuals, ideals, and spirituality.

March 15th ○
The following information was provided by HowStuffWorks.com and written by Jill M. Phillips

A Pisces born on March 15 is a mediator on the intellectual level and a medium on the occult or spiritual level. They are idealistic, often refusing to address others' motives. They cannot comprehend selfish behavior and are put off by negativity. They seem to radiate a spiritual aura.

People born on this date are sincere about their friendships. Owing to their sensitivity, trust, and tendency to take things at face value, they experience more than their share of heartbreak. If they experience too much negativity, they stop trusting others.

The idealism endorsed by most March 15 men and women has its roots in their upbringing, where people are considered to be "all good" or "all bad." This is often carried into adulthood and passed on to their children. This is a mistake, and they usually realize that once their children begin to form their opinions.

Living a healthy lifestyle is second nature to March 15 people. They can benefit from relieving work-related stress through yoga and meditation, or even brief periods of seclusion and self-enforced silence.

Career stress can have a negative influence on the emotional and physical health of March 15 people, but they understand that laughter is the best medicine. They are not usually able to deal with materialistic aims and may feel the need to change gears midlife.

Successful management of their need for spiritual fulfillment and peace is the goal of many March 15 people. They wish to live a life that's simple and meaningful, honest and productive. They can have a difficult time zeroing in on personal goals.

Some of the characteristics listed seem like they are similar to Fllay's own characteristics, and some seem like they represent something that actually occurs to Fllay. Fllay is very intellgent when it get right down to it. Otherwise she wouldn't of been at Heliopolis Technical College. Fllay shows off her idealistic thoughts when she first signs up for the military, and her words captivate her friends making them join as well. She also shows a dislike of selfish behavior [even if she exhibits this behavior herself], a good example of this is when she feels Kira selfishly didn't protect her father because he was fighting against coordinators. While Fllay doesn't really seem to have a spiritual characteristic she does spiritually confess her true feelings for Kira right after she is killed. While we never got to see if Fllay would eventually have children and how they came out from what's said under "children and Family" we can assume that she gained her idealism from her own father and that it might have/was a mistake. Health is a big part of Fllay's lifestyle and you can tell this because she is always worried about how she looks. This definitely points itself out when she is preparing to see her father. She's worried about her appearance, and feels she can't look bad for it would make her father look bad as well. As far as seclusion and self-enforced silence we see many periods of time where Fllay ends up sitting by herself in either her room or Kira's to think through things that have occured, happened, or are bothering her. She ends up putting a lot of stresses onto herself especially when she joins the military. She is hardly a soilder to be point blank, and she knows this, but she puts the stress of a soilders lifestyle on herself as a means to get Kira to stay and fight. I don't think the line "...but they understand that laughter is the best medicine" could be anymore true. Right after giving herself to Kira she breaks down into laughter and cries out the stress of what she has just done. A few scenes later she is more composed. In the end Fllay really did just want peace. She wanted her "simple and meaningful" life back on track. Although she originally wanted that simple life without coordinators she grew to understand them, and afterwards just wanted that delicate world she lived in from the beginning of the series to come back, and be a reality all over again.