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Birdy is a mechanical bird that Kira keeps with in his room and sometimes sits on his soilder. Fllay's relationship with the mechanical bird is one of love-and-hate. In times when Kira is away she plays with the bird thinking of Kira often when seeing Birdy. There are times though when she freaks out due to Birdy out of fear because it makes her think of Kira [ex. "PHASE 32 - In the Promised Land" when birdy flies onto Sai's shoulder she immeidately pictures Kira. Then when it flies towards her she freaks out telling it "No!" before it flies off again.]

Fllay and Cagalli's relationship wasn't exactly a bad or good relationship. Fllay became jealous of Cagalli sometimes when it came to Kira's affection and attempted to keep him from her [this was before it came out that Cagalli was Kira's sister]. Cagalli as well didn't appreciate Fllay's behavior towards her simply walking off when she did these things remarking that she wouldn't want to get into the way. While these girls weren't exactly buddy-buddy, or complete enemies I do think if given the chance they could of actually gotten along with everything put behind them.

For information on this relationship start here.

Kuzzey and Fllay never really got along. They both disagreed on many things, and to be honest he never really did like Fllay that much and became either annoyed, or angry with her on multiple occasions. He even doesn't want to be the one to give her food when Sai asks him to.

From the very instant Lacus and Fllay met Fllay disliked Lacus. Fllay is not very welcoming when it comes to coordinators and has a fear that Lacus very well might hurt her so in turn she refuses to be the one to give Lacus her meal. She shrinks back as well and yells at Lacus when she attempts to shake Fllay's hand. Even after Fllay began to not becomes to racist with coordinators I don't believe their relationship would of been a good mix. They remind me of oil and water. They just simply don't mix. Although I do believe they would stomache each other if they met again, and Fllay might of very well apologized for her behavior.

Out of Kira's group Miriallia was one of her closer friends [excluding Sai for I believe we can assume they were closer due to their engagement]. Fllay's other friends Jessica and Misha have also commented that while Fllay wouldn't tell them anything about the letter Sai wrote her that Miriallia must know something, which presents us with the idea that Fllay and Miriallia were actually very close. They both get along pretty well even though Miriallia dislikes some of the things Fllay says or does, and even wonders about her intentions. Later on though their relationship becomes strained when Fllay tells Miriallia that she is just like her when Miriallia loses Tolle. Although they hold no serious dislike for the other they no longer see eye-to-eye by the end of the series.

There isn't much to go on conserning this relationship. Out of the few times they have interacted he has complimented her in his usual relaxed fashion. Mu though does question if her relationship with Kira is health, and hopes that it doesn't become unhealthy if it already isn't.

This relationship doesn't have much either but it has shown to be a pretty mutually okay relationship. She does seem to have a very caring attitude towards Fllay and this is demonstrated in "PHASE 34 - Seen and Unseen" when Fllay is to be transfered. She asks Natarle to take care of her. She doesn't approve of how the Earth Alliance wishes to use Fllay and it shows on her face as she explains that there is nothing she is able to do unfortunately to keep her on board the Archangel.

Natarle becomes Fllay's mother figure, or even best friend during the war. Although they don't get along all the time and Natarle has to force Fllay into coming with her off the Archangel on orders from Headquarters she cares for her saftey by the end of the series. She orders Orga Sabnark to retrieve Fllay's lifepod, and comforts Fllay when comes aboard the Dominion. Nartarle takes the time to ask Fllay if she is infact alrighty, and when Fllay warns the Archangel about an attack she keeps Fllay from being shot by Azeral.

Rau became Fllay's father figure for she began to invision him as her father which began the moment she heard his voice on JOSH-A. She originally distrusts him and wonders why he had captured her, but then begins to trust him and tends to cling to his side for he treats her well, and tells her that he'll protect her.

Sai and Fllay's relationship had it's ups and downs like most romantically inclinded relationships. They originally were engaged verbally by their parents, but it was never set-in-stone [if I recall correctly]. Fllay and Sai both show they have feelings for each other in the beginning of the series, and Sai is there for her when she first awakens after her father is dead. She then later tells him that the engagment was only something talked about and that they shouldn't be tided down to it now that her father is dead. This though is her keeping him away so she can manipulate Kira. She shows several instances where she is worried about Sai even after saying she doesn't like him any longer. When Kira is considered Missing in Action she immediately goes to Sai as a means to recieve comfort, and claim she didn't like Kira. Where Sai reveals that he knows she's lying and that she had to have liked Kira. After that point their relationship becomes very strained both friendship and romantically. After the series he is shown to still care about Fllay as he keeps pictures of her up.

I consider this relationship as a "I see you. You see me." type. While Yzak questioned about her he never went to have detailed conversations with her. I do believe the only thing he actually said to her was to sit down. Fllay in turn does sneak her own share of looks at Yzak herself. She takes notice of him and watches him.