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Athrun Zala is Kira's childhood friend, but because of the war they were pitted against each other. Animosity, and despondency come between them as the war progresses each not wanting to fight against the other. In "Phase 30 - Flashing Blades" they get into a brutal battle with one another leaving Athrun to believe he killed his own bestfriend. When told that Kira is infact not dead he tries to disbelieve this but soon accepts the truth when seeing him hisself soon after. Kira's and Athrun's friendship does prevail over the war, and Kira still considers Athrun his bestfriend even after everything they went through during the Bloody Valentine War.

Birdy is a mechanical bird that was given to Kira from Athrun. Kira is usually seen with Birdy most of the time when in his room, and considers it a special gift, from a special friend. It's a very important gift to him, one that he never wants to lose.

Cagalli's real realtionship with Kira doesn't get presented until far later into the series. Cagalli is actually Kira's twin sister. He was seperated from her at birth by their father, Ulen's, wants to make Kira the perfect coordinator against, their mother, Via's, wishes. Cagalli and Kira's relationship even before them finding the truth about their birth had always been a caring relationship. In the beginning Cagalli was a little rough around the edges with Kira but she eventually relaxed and even comforted him several times as does Kira when Cagalli becomes upset.

For information on this relationship start here.

Kira's relationship with Kuzzey pretty simplistic. It was started from the Heliopolis Technical College they went to. Kuzzey did cheer, and have several talks to Fllay about considering Kira's feelings, but at times had doubts of Kira himself [Notably after he found out that Kira's bestfriend was the pilot of the Aegis]. Eventually though connections with Kuzzey disappear from the storyline since he doesn't sign back up to fight along side the Earth Alliance like Kira and the others do. His view was he just wasn't fit for war.

Lacus and Kira have gotten along from the very beginning in "PHASE 8 - The Songstress of the Enemy Forces". Their kind and similar nature of pacifism makes them friend each other easily. Lacus is far more out going and generally causes Kira to blush. After time she begins to develope her own feelings for Kira especially when taking care of him when he is fatally wounded after a brutal battle with Athrun in "PHASE 30 - Flashing Blades". Kira later recieves ZGMF-X10A Freedom from Lacus after making a resolve to go back to the battle feild. He even helps Lacus determine to enter the war herself, and to "sing the song of peace", as she says in "PHASE 34 - Seen and Unseen". The relationship between them is one of calm and peace, and frequently through the series they have comforted each other.

Miriallia was a friend of Kira's from the beginning of the series, and attended Heliopolis technical college. Her relationship with Kira has always been good natured. She's always chided Fllay on her behavior with Kira knowing that Kira is a good person regardless of him being a coordinator. Kira and Miriallia have remained good friends.

Mu La Flaga naturally got along with Kira pretty well because of his laid back attitude, and has also helped Kira realize things that he might not of wanted to realize personally. An example being having to pilot the Strike. He generally gets concerned when Kira's attitude and is always one to ask Kira what is wrong, such as in "PHASE 28 - KIRA".

They have a pretty mutual relationship. It's not really a fancy one, but one of respect for the other. Murrue's cautious but kind attitude proved useful to Kira when faced with punishments [such as went he helped lacus escape in "PHASE 10 - Seperate Ways"]. It's also helped him out when Natarle has been against him and others in situations.

There isn't much to say conserning these two since anytime Kira really needed anything he'd usually go to Murrue, and Mu, but I can at least say that while they weren't on "friend" like terms they weren't on "enemy" terms either. Part of this is caused by Naratle's military like personality, and position seeing as she takes her job very serious.

Tolle was a friend of Kira's from Heliopolis technical college, and probably one of his closest friends out of the group. Kira and Tolle seemed to have a hardy relationship since they both god along so well, and seemed to joke a lot back at the plants [Tolle headlocking Kira in the first episode is a good example]. Tolle like many of the people Kira got along with was a pretty cheerful guy, and immensly lighthearted. He wasn't one to ever get extremely upset over things, but to instead find a positive light.

This relationship had a tendency to be up and down depending on which part of the series you were currently at. In the beginning they had no problems with each other, but when it came to Fllay, Sai's fiancee [and Kira's first love interest] things got rocky between the two. Sai became jealous of Kira and at one point the boys got into it during the desert arc because of Sai chasing after Fllay. In the long run though Sai genuinely liked Kira for Kira, and they both were able to put aside their differences.